Outings & Residential Trips

Class Trips

Hereward House is located very close to central London and the excellent museums, galleries, exhibitions and theatres that the capital has to offer. All classes go on at least one trip each term, many of which are planned alongside topics taught in class. Boys also enjoy Middle and Senior theatre trips and activity days respectively.

Residential Trips

In the Summer term every year, Form 4 spend one night away from home in preparation for Trips Week that begins in Form 5. Recently boys have spent evenings aboard the HMS Belfast and Golden Hinde.

From Form 5 onwards, all boys take part in a week long residential trip. This time away from school gives the boys the opportunity to gain independence and learn a variety of skills away from the classroom. The activity weeks also allow all boys to participate in a number of activities and sports including bush craft, target sports and canoeing.
We have recently partnered with The Exploration Society in providing these year groups the experience of camping in the wild, building shelters and cooking their own food. The boys have enjoyed these weeks immensely.