Housed in its own building, the Art Room is light and airy with a specialist ceramic kiln and dedicated woodworking area. Always buzzing with activity, this is the place the boys come to be creative. In lessons and in after school clubs they can develop their skills and techniques in a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, mark-making, printmaking, woodworking and clay and wire sculpture. The boys take pride in their own work and are delighted when a piece is framed and exhibited around the main school, or gets selected as the highly prestigious 'artwork of the week'.

Art and Design Technology is taught from Transition through to Year 8 by two specialist teachers who encourage the boys to work boldly and creatively, to take risks and to experiment with ideas and materials, learning that there is more than one way to create a meaningful artwork.

Students are exposed to the work of a wide variety of artists and movements from different cultures, gaining an understanding of the social and historical context, as well as learning to appreciate how and why art is made. With London's top galleries on our doorstep, our trips keep them up-to-date with current exhibitions. Visiting artists offer full day workshops in contemporary skilled crafts such as letterpress printing, screen printing, or animation for the Middle and Senior Schools.

The whole school regularly enter internal and external competitions. Our boys often have work selected for exhibition as part of the prestigious nationwide Young Art competition and can enter the popular Hereward House photography competition open to boys and their families. We also have dedicated House competitions, where boys from differing year groups work together to create amazing collaborative artworks.

We also have our own Instagram page, where parents and pupils can get regular insights into what’s being created in the art room.