At Hereward House we believe it is important to give our pupils opportunities to learn and investigate the fast changing world of technology and to equip them with the necessary ICT skills required to prepare them for present, and later, life.


We incorporate the use of ICT across all curriculum areas to enhance and extend our pupils’ learning. We have an ICT suite of laptops inside the Science lab and a class set of iPads, stored within the school building. These are available for students and teachers to access when required.

ICT Curriculum

From Year 1 to CE1 (Year 8), pupils receive one 40-minute lesson per week with our specialist ICT teacher. During these lessons they are equipped with skills to use a computer effectively, to be creative with technology and to present their work across different media platforms.

When the boys start in Form One, they learn to become more familiar with the layout of the keyboard and trackpad, and learn key computing skills in Microsoft Word and file navigation. As boys progress through the years, so does the complexity of the computational skills they develop.

By the time boys leave CE1, they will be proficient in using Microsoft Office packages, to present their work, and digital photo editing. They will be able to write mathematical spreadsheet formula, for financial data manipulation, and digitally create music. The pupils would have experience programming across multiple language platforms, including SCRATCH, Python raw programming and creating 3D world animations.

Our pupils are encouraged to use their home computers where appropriate, to regularly practise their typing and ICT skills at home. On occasion, typed homework or school research may be recommended for some subject areas. No formal ICT homework is set. Assessment is done primarily through observation, during each unit of work, and is an ongoing process.