To ensure consistent teaching in the Junior school, we use the Power Maths scheme based on the successful Singapore approach to teaching mathematics. This is a hands-on scheme that allows the boys to ignite their curiosity and provide opportunities for deeper questioning. The boys will share, reason and learn from misconceptions through whole class discussions.

They are taught how to lay out their work in a systematic manner, ensuring they check for calculation errors. Boys are expected to practise their number bonds and times tables on a regular basis as this is fundamental to their progress in mathematics.

As the boys move through the school, the teaching of mathematics is tailored towards the future schools entrance exams. Boys are encouraged to use alternate strategies to tackle problem solving questions. This includes being able to explain their approach, which in turn will improve their understanding and writing down their workings in a methodical manner.

Our teaching approach to mathematics will include the visual representation of a question, to aid understanding and resilience. We have found this to be more successful than previous approaches as we use it as a building block through the school.

In the upper part of the school, the boys are achieving the highest level at Common Entrance. They are expected to participate in the UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge, which we have excelled in over the years. The exceptional boys have gone on to compete in the Junior Kangaroo and Junior Maths Olympiad.

Boys in the senior school have been successfully prepared for scholarships to schools such as Westminster, St Paul’s, Eton, Haileybury, Brighton College and others. Throughout the school, the boys are challenged by the use of puzzles, brain teasers and investigations.